Eurocopter Tiger European Anti-Tank Helicopter

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Eurocopter Tiger European Anti-Tank Helicopter

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Eurocopter Tiger helicopter came about as a joint venture between France and Germany. Both nations were desperate to replace and upgrade its anti tank force with new helicopter. Designing and creating Eurocopter Tiger, which became known as the most advanced combat helicopter to be designed in Europe. It first flew in 1991 and soon was available in three versions which are used until today, by Germany, France, Australia and Spain.
First version called “HAP” is a French army’s support version, second is “HAC” also French anti tank version and third is German “UHT” used as a multirole anti tank and support helicopter. Tiger helicopter includes all most advanced features as: advanced cockpit displays(Helmet-Mounted Sight Display), new composites(80% carbon fiber, 11% aluminium and 6% titanium), twi MTR 390 turboshafts, new hydraulic system and fuel system. Two turboshafts can provide about 980kW of power and in combination with four blade main rotor can achieve speeds up to 269 km/h. It can hover up to 10,500 ft above the ground and can stay airborne for maximum up to three hours. Two people need to operate Tiger, pilot and weapons systems operator.
Tiger is armed with top anti-tank weapons HOT 2 and 3, Matra Mistral AAMs, Trigats and Stinger AAMs and a 30mm gatling



Weight – 3300kg (7275lb)
Max takeoff mass – 6100kg (13,448lb)
Main rotor diameter – 13m (42ft 8in)
Fuselage length – 14m (46ft)
Height – 4.32m (14ft 2in)
Rotor disc area – 132.7 sq meters (1428.8 sq ft)

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