History of Warfare

future weapons History of Warfare

History of Warfare

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Written history only spans about 6,000 years, but during that time we know that warfare and conflict has been a major part of human existence throughout that time and for ages before.

Many people believe that war has been in existence since the beginning of humanity. Others believe that peaceful societies have existed for millennia, but the fact is at least 90% of known societies, at least in recorded history, have engaged in some type of warfare at least occasionally.
Some of these societies have found pretty much constantly with others. Out of this seemingly natural desire humans have to fight have come many technological marvels. The industrial revolution brought about some of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind, and many of those were directly related to warfare.

In fact, many of the items we use in everyday life were originally invented for military purposes.
Military technology has evolved from rudimentary weapons such as spears and crude hatchets, to more complex items like the bow and arrow and the sword, and finally up to today’s advanced military weaponry that makes use of night vision and laser-guided technology.