RBS70 Man portable air defense system

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RBS70 Man portable air defense system

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RBS 70 is a so called “Man-portable Air-defense system” which can takes care of any threat from enemy aircraft and helicopters in short ranges up to eight kilometers away. Design by Swedish in 1977 but today used in more than ten countries all over the world including Australia, Argentina, Bahrain, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Norway, Pakistan, Singapore and Tunisia.

RBS 70 was designed to be carried around and fired by one single soldier. It uses an effective SAM system(laser guided missile system) which is perfect for short range attacks. SAM system replaced the old HAWK system.

One main reason Sweden have designed this low-costing easy to use mobile weapon was their obsession with mobility and low maintenence.

Soldier that operates the RBS 70 is getting all the needed information from the small SLT (combat-control terminal), which looks like a small portable computer. SLT receives information about the target through encoded radio broadcast by a radar station. When the target is aquired the operator switches the weapon to the laser guidance. If there is a lock-on (a positive feedback from IFF signal) operator fires a missile. The flight of the missile is adjusted by the operator which needs to aim to the target constantly. Missile must hit within the 30 meter radios for the kill.

Through time RBS 70 has been constantly updated and improved. At first it used Mk 1 missile but today they are produced with a Mk 2 missile which flies at speed up to Mach 2. The latest model called BOLIDE (2005) is the newest improvement which expands the range of the weapon up to eight kilometers and the altitude of five kilometers. Bolide system also uses different warheads for different demands and different targets.

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