Type-99 China

This is a third generation Main Battle Tank (MBT), maneuvered by the people’s liberation army of china to come up to the level of world armament antagonism. Also called ZTZ-99 and WZ-123, is the successor of Type-98G and ranked among the top 10 prevailing tanks in the world.

Due to its high pricing very few Type-99 are made available. A single unit of type-99 is prices around US$2.5 million. The latest version of this tank is Type-99KM.

The PLA officially came under surveillance in 2001 and the latest version has a 1,500-horsepower water cooled diesel engine, while its predecessor had 1,200-horsepower.

Other additions include a Leopard 2A5-style sloped-arrow armor plate on the front of the turret, and supplementary composite armor layers on the sides.

In the current Type99, the driver’s slot is in the front, the fighting compartment lies directly behind it and the engine is set up in the rear.

Being equipped with a dynamic JD-4 laser defense system, it can establish the position of an opposed enemy tank. Its high-powered laser dazzler can for the moment blind the enemy’s vision. It is also be used as a communiqué appliance.

Though the whole armament concerto remains hidden mystery, its major weaponry comprise of an entirely stabilized dual axis 125 mm/50-calibre ZPT98 smoothbore gun with a carousel-style autoloader, a thermal sleeve, and a fume extractor.  Its barrel is made of high-intensity PCrN13NoV.

Keeping protection in mind, it has sloped turret armor. Along with the arrow-shaped affix armor modules on the turret front and explosive reactive armor (ERA) modules on the turret and hull, the tank’s front armor protection is equivalent to 1,000~1,200mm of steel shield.

It transmits Russian anti-tank missiles named 9M119 Refleks and is operated by 3 crews. With this tank, China claims to be no less than the other world powers of armaments.

Chinese experts said to media that the gun performance than the Soviet Union not only increased 45% to similar products, but also than the German “Leopard 2A5″ and the United States, “Abrams M1A1″ tank guns used by RH-120 is 30% higher. Obviously, this production technology is obtained from Israel, which had exports to China over the shells.

It is said that this tank has gone a long way into being claimed by Russian media as a threat to US M1A1 and supposedly said to be among the best 10 army tanks in the world. This is yet to be proved as China still has not exposed many of the secret information regarding this.

Characteristic features

Manufacturer: norinco

Cost:  2,500,000 US$

Weight: 54 tons for Type-99G; 57 tons for Type-99A1; 58 tons for Type-99A2.

Length: 11.0m

Width: 3.4m

Height: 2.2m

Shield: Classified, AL2O3, ERA.

Operational range: 600km

Speed: 80 km/h

Fuel capacity: N/A
China PLA Type 99 MAIN BATTLE TANK 中国99式主战坦克

CHINA TYPE 99 MBT – A Beast from the East






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