USA Tests B61-12 Gravity Bomb – The Most Dangerous Nuclear Weapon Ever Made

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USA Tests B61-12 Gravity Bomb – The Most Dangerous Nuclear Weapon Ever Made

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If you’re one to surf the net and spend hours and hours on end reading about the latest news on social media, then you’re no stranger to the whole North Korea vs. USA hostilities.

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, has been boasting about his successful test of a high powered hydrogen bomb that he has called to be perfect earlier this September.

This bomb can be mounted on an international airborne missile striking further qualms of WW III on the hearts of many concerned citizens.

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The Most Dangerous Nuclear Weapon Ever Made

The B61-12 Gravity Bomb was tested, for the second time, by US authorities.

They have confirmed the success of the bomb test and has even made a hint that production of B61-12 will start within 3 years.

This second test was intended to examine the capability of the F-15E fighter jets to carry the weapon and to test the non-nuclear features of the bomb.

This subtle display of superiority will no doubt paint a clear picture to Kim Jong-un in North Korea.

Experts have tailored this weapon to be very precise and also to have an adjustable explosive power to lower the risk of extensive civilian fatalities and collateral destruction.

Its explosive force ranges from 300 tons of TNT to a whopping 50,000 tons.

This bomb has entered the US Government service in 1968 and is now being tinkered to modernize the US Government’s atomic supply.

The B61-12 bomb’s trajectory is precision-guided as it now has a tail kit to enable such features.

Tensions have been raised after North Korea has test fired a missile over Japan last August 29, 2017.

World leaders are fearing that World War III could possibly erupt in the coming months. They have observed that North Korea is openly displaying the fact that they have missiles that are capable of carrying nuclear artilleries.

It’s something not to take lightly as the lives of many are at stake. It’s extremely important for the US to delicately handle this dreadful situation so as not to start anything that will destroy the planet and everyone in it.

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